Saturday, March 7, 2015

Animation practice!

You know how sometimes you have a dream and instead of doing something about it, you just sit on it and daydream about it for years? That's the story of my life.
I've dreamed of being a character animator for a long time now. Unfortunately, I've spent much of my time not practicing, and just studying and watching animation and learning about the craft. That's all good and well, but I think it's about time I start getting my hands dirty.
So in the spirit of my "Draw 2013" challenge, I thought it'd be fun to chronicle my animation practice here for all to see.

These are probably just going to be a lot of doodles in motion, but hopefully they'll be fun to watch and hopefully I'll improve as I go on. Most of these will be done in cheap or free animation programs like PAP4 and Flipnote 3D (a surprisingly good app for Nintendo 3DS. Seriously, it works really well).


Just starting out with the basics.

I had fun with this one. I was experimenting with the way you can draw across multiple frames to make that confetti effect.

I like the snappy, bouncy timing on this.

Hope you like bouncing balls because there's going to be a lot of them.

With this one I needed an excuse to make the animation loop, so I just...did it.

Adding some secondary animation. ;)

I'm using Flipnote 3D now, and it's helping me a lot. It's a lot faster and easier to use, and it's portable. Sorry, PAP4, but you've been surpassed by a Nintendo app.

I'm still practicing with bouncing balls and blobs, but I'm trying to add personality to them.

It's fun doing these, because you get really fast results, and it still looks alive. It just goes to show you how far some decent spacing and timing can go.

When viewed on a 3DS screen, his foot has a 3D effect. I still feel like I could put more work into perfecting this, but whatever.

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