Thursday, February 19, 2015

2013 drawing project

At the beginning of 2013, I thought it would be a good idea to do a "365 day challenge" for myself. Since I have been thinking about pursuing a career in animation for a while now I knew I needed to start skill-building soon or my dreams might be in jeopardy, so I figured I needed to learn to draw.

What I didn't realize was that two years later I would still be haunted by the ghost of my own commitment to myself. It' s February of 2015 and I'm only now nearing my goal of 365 drawings.

All this time, I've been posting my drawings on Facebook and Google+ because I thought it would be fun to show people my progress (and sometimes frustration) as the year went on. Since that format has become more and more confusing and more and more difficult to look at, I thought I'd try using this format to make things easier to deal with.

Without further ado, here's my 2013 drawing project up until this point. Enjoy the ups and downs of a project that's gone far too long, and for my honest, frustrated, and inspired expressions.

[Note: Most of the comments are ones that I made when I originally posted the photos online.
EDIT: For some reason I can't correct all the text unless I make it weird colors. So enjoy the purplish text. :( ]

Day 1.
A rough start, but it was 2 in the morning.

Day 2.
I tried drawing my face on my own (apparently baby faced), and in Disney, Gobelins, and Ghibli styles (I cheated on the Ghibli one way too much).

Day 3 .
I'm practicing using a computer drawing tablet. It's actually really fun.

Day 4.
Woke up. Drew three bears.

Day 5 .
Now is where I am.

Day 6 .
And now you know.

Day 7.
This may look simple, but each person received a LOT of love. Thank you all for being a part of my life! And sorry to Tabby for making you look as ugly as Lucas.

Day 8.
This is what happens when you read Seuss and watched The Hobbit in one day.

Day 9.
What DO they teach in schools these days?

Day 10.
Advancing to the HD era, and apparently looking like Johnny Depp.

Day 11.
Not my fault

Day 12.
My musical history in a nutshell

Day 13.
I love charcoal. And by that I mean I am terrified of it.

Day 14 .
Drawing from memory. I think I'm going to make this a series. We actually did really good!

Day 15.
 It's midnight and my eyes are dry.

Day 16.
Listening to Pomplamoose on the way to D.C.

Day 17.
On the way back to PDX from D.C.

Day 18.
 Speed sketching on the flight to make up for lost time. Just turn on the worship music and go for it.

Day 19.
Take a peek inside my brain. This is how I see this song.

Day 20.
Nomatter how hard we try...

Day 21.
Let it be

Day 22.
 ...the Universe

Day 23 .This idea had been in my mind ever since I returned from D.C. where I was busy having my life changed.

Day 24.
 Ancient creatures from my imagination.

Day 25.
 I've been interested in how much you can simplify something until it loses it's meaning. What is the most basic representation of something like a tree?

Day 26 .
Flint told me to draw a runny nose.

Day 27.
This was really fun. I got to make full use of my lightbox (actually meant for sewing, so it sucks) by doing 15 passes. I also discovered I have access to colored mechanical pencil led. I wanted to make it look like a Chris Sanders drawing but I don't think it shows at all.

Day 28.
 I'm super into Chris Sanders right now just in case noone noticed.

Day 29.
I've got to pay some tribute to Paperman with some fast sketches. Because it is perfect, after all, and it deserves more than a second of my time.

Day 30.
 I've got to give props to the folks over at Disney because some of these shapes are really difficult. Every proportion is extremely fine tuned. It's hard :/

Day 31.
 I love the French

Day 32.
 Charcoal was perfect for this

Day 33.
 Exploring the limits of a pencil.

Day 34.
 I think I should get back into planking

Day 35 .
I like drawing still life from my science textbook.

Day 36.
 More science textbook. That kid got a 3rd degree burn, and that's a rattlesnake.

Day 37.
Bad hair day this morning.

Day 38.

Day 39.
I tried drawing using the least amount of lines possible. I wanted to see if I can draw something using long, sweeping lines instead of short choppy ones. I got some good shapes out of it.

Day 40.
 Inspired by Minkyu Lee's Academy Award nominated short "Adam and Dog". It's just so so good.

Day 41.
 Will, your wish is my command.

Day 42.
I've had this idea bouncing around in my head for a couple weeks...

Day 43.
 What is it that gives characters so much appeal?

Day 44.
 Sketching wildlife! Nanook posed long enough for me to get his lower half, but I wanted him to turn his head. So I got his attention and he got up and came to me. >.>

Day 45.
 Episode 2!

Day 46.
 Bloaty is probably the most agreeable cat that I've ever had.

Day 47.
Hands (and anything) are more fun to draw when they have personality, rather than being laid out like cardboard.

Day 48.
I'm reading through "The Illusion of Life" by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas. My admiration for Disney grows every time I explore their incredible talents--especially Milt Kahl. He makes everyone else feel like doodling children.

Day 49.
The best animal.

Day 50.
WAS going to draw Darth Vader, but something...happened...

Day 51.
It's about time I put on my big boy underpants and learn how to draw an actual human.

Day 52.
You've got to start somewhere, right?

Day 53.
I thought my learning process might be a little boring, so I made things a little more interesting.

Day 54.
Winter Term

Day 55.
 I'm starting to get more confident. Maybe I should spend more than a few hours on something and see how polished I can make it.

Day 56.

Day 57.
I don't understand why people give feet a negative stigma. I like em'.

Day 58.
I'm going to animate something like this.

Day 59.
The Toothless rig is probably the most complex and beautiful rigs I have ever heard of.

Day 60.
Digital vs traditional

Day 61.
Stream-of-consciousness drawing to music.

Day 62.
I tried the Disney exercise of giving emotion to a flour sack. It's harder than it looks.

Day 63.
I'm really enjoying my new pen.

Day 64.
I love gesture drawings.

Day 65.
It's challenging to draw emotions without the help of facial expressions or symbols.

Day 66.
No joke, I've actually been thinking about this for over a week. It's so simple! All I'd need is a paintball mask and a jacket--preferably leather. That way, my identity is protected, I feel comfortable, I look cool, AND I save money. I've got it all worked out.

Day 67.

Day 68.
"Once you figure out how to draw hands well, once you know the bone structure and how hands work mechanically and emotionally, the rest of the human figure will come fairly easy to you!" (-- One of Andreas Deja's art teachers)

Day 69.
Don't worry, just making up some fake creatures. Except the baboon. That one is very real.

Day 70.
Watched Life of Pi last night.

Day 71.

Day 72.
He's playing sax for Williams' score of "Catch Me If You Can".

Day 73.
My brother's LoL champion came to wish him a happy birthday.

Day 74.
I watched The Croods last Sunday and I finally got around to drawing more Chris Sanders art. I have to say, a lot of his storyboards look better than the finished film. The film is awesome though nonetheless.

Day 75.
More experimentation with the human figure. I'm really interested in the curvature of the calf and forearm right now. Those look cool if I can just figure them out.

Day 76.
I drew this with charcoal. ^_^

Day 77.
I drew this in the park. It was really windy.

Day 78.
I tried drawing Ultimate Frisbee players from memory.

Day 79.
Just trying to wrap my head around squash&stretch and its many applications.

Day 80.
Nintendo's designs are incredible. I'm so glad I bought Hyrule Historia. ^_^

Day 80 (rough).
I decided to save both my rough draft and the finished version because the both look good in different ways.

Day 81.
Messing around with creature design a little.

Day 82.
Still enjoying Hyrule Historia. Nothing beats a book full of pretty pictures. :)

Day 83.
Apparently, birds look really cool and they're a joy to draw. They aren't hard to form because there are so many different types of bird shapes, so you can hardly go wrong.

Day 84.
I thought it'd be fun to morph the bodily proportions of the human body and see what I come up with.

Day 85.
Some more sketches (I couldn't fit many here). I've been taking the skeletal structure of different animals and using them to understand how to draw animals. I am getting a basic understanding of how and how not to draw creatures according to the laws of nature.

Day 86.
I'm designing a logo for my club.

Day 87.
I'm going to count this even though I traced heavily. It still took a long time, especially because I had to learn how to convert a bitmap drawing to a vector drawing.

Day 88.
I'm almost a month behind on my drawing. I won't let spring term get the best of me! I embrace eternity! I AM ONE!

Day 89.
These drawing suck, but what matters is I'm starting to understand what it means to infuse drawings with purpose and character. I've always known it was important, but now I think I'm beginning to understand it practically. Without a defined character or story, there is only an empty shell. There's no direction. :o

Day 90.

Day 91.
It's interesting how Ghibli puts both incredible detail and cartoonism into their drawings. They can look totally imaginative and realistically detailed at the same time. That goes for their storytelling as well.

Day 92.
Still thinking about what it would really be like to fly in the context of my own life.

Day 93.
I'm having some trouble reverse-engineering other artists' drawings for some reason. Maybe I shouldn't even practice that.

Day 94.
Losing motivation...

Day 95.
I hit a low point there.

Day 96.
I got a full-body mirror! New worlds have been opened up to me.

Day 97.
I used to draw things like this a lot more. Things with motion to them. I would imagine it as a moving, flowing thing with momentum and force.

Day 98.
I decided to redraw a childhood character that I made up long ago. I used to write and illustrate my own sci-fi series, and this was one of the main enemy races my hero had to face.

Day 99.
Inspired by the album cover art for "Beautiful Things".

Day 100.
 I'm back in the swing of things! This is fun again!

Day 101.
Listening to Hiromi.

Day 102.
Thinking of the ballet sections in Fantasia 2000. I drew these just from memory.

Day 103.
Olivia mentioned something like this.

Day 104.
Not much to say here. Thinkin' about some head shapes I guess.

Day 105.
Forcing creativity for me means forcing ugly faces.

Day 106.
Sometimes I have an idea, but I don't devote enough planning or finesse to it. At all.

Day 107.
Starting a new sketch book!
Want to draw like the French? Make a random shape and make it a person. The only rule: everything has to be round.

Day 108.

Day 109.
Making a habit of drawing late at night. I don't think this should happen again. I'm not satisfied with it.

Day 110.
Trying to infuse emotion into my drawings by...drawing a person being emotional. I guess that works!

Day 111.
It happened again! Just trying to fill a page at 2 in the morning.

Day 112.
Not gonna lie, this was totally inspired by Headless Productions. They're awesome.

Day 113.
It's strange how a lot of different things can influence me during my day and come out in my drawings.

Day 114.
I think the jelly bean is a good basis for bodily structure.

Day 115.
One of my friends used to say "would you still be my friend if I looked like this?"

Day 116.
Experimenting with what proportions make something appealing and cute.

Day 117.
See what I did there?

Day 118.
Reminds me of Fantasia 2000

Day 119.
Doodling how fun swimming at High Rock is before I went that day.

Day 120.
I think it's fun to make a doodle and then try to bring it to life.

Day 121.
House sitting all alone gives you the opportunity to be so honest. Can't we be like that all the time?

Day 122.
I'm getting out of the rut that I've been in when I say "I want to draw just like so-and-so". Now I just say to myself, "I can draw ANYTHING. So what'll it be?"

Day 123.
Couldn't draw that eye no matter how hard I tried.

Day 124.
The mentality that I bring to every instrument I play is directly related to how I play djembe. I feel like djembe is like one of the most visceral, basic, and primal instruments, especially for me because it's how I started out playing music.

Day 124.
This is basically all I used to draw growing up. I used to just make silly faces and take a LOT of pride in each one as individual characters.

Day 125.
I like how adding a window to the rocket can almost change the whole meaning.

Day 126.
I'm committed to uploading almost anything at this point. I like some of these shapes though.

Day 127.
I don't paint, but when I do...

Day 128.
My legs have been getting beefed up lately. Who needs a car when you've got one of these?

Day 129.
This didn't start out meaning anything, but now that I think of it, it looks like I'm saying I'm tired of doodles. I'm really not though.

Day 130.
Maggie May. Enough said.

Day 131.
Do I have to say something interesting about EVERY drawing? Ok, umm... this one took me like... 2 minutes.

Day 133.
I've been training myself to break the rules that I've created.

Day 134.
Sometimes I get influenced by things I watch and then end up drawing with big shapes.

Day 135.
Just realized my scanner has a smudge on the top middle area. So THAT'S why all my drawings have smudges!

Day 136.
Weird how things seem so solid in your mind until you put them on paper.

Day 137.
I refuse to be cynical.

Day 138.
I like the unconventional jaw structure of whales and lizards.

Day 139.
Don't look down on me, but... I drew my D&D character and wrote a short history for him.

Day 140.
I am more than happy with how this turned out.

Day 141.
Listening to music late at night. You know the time--when night becomes morning (but you really know that it's still nighttime nomatter what the clock tries to tell you).

Day 142.

Day 143.
I saw this going differently in my mind.

Day 144.
Romans 16:20. How ironically awesome.

Day 145.
Just wanted to draw something stupid and presumptuous.

Day 146.
I found a big bag of watercolor supplies in my house! This opens up a whole new world to me! I'm so excited!

Day 147.
Sat down to play with watercolors again when music from "Where the Wild Things Are" started playing.
(I like the way its blue eye paint bled so it looks like he's crying. Note to self: don do dat)

Day 148.
My plans for the night: watch some anime and turn my brain off before bed.
God's plans for my night: DON'T watch something stupid and stumble upon a really uplifting sermon.

Day 149.
Just pretend this is a single frame of an animated film.

Day 150.
Saw an amazing pencil test of this character by Eric Goldberg and drew a frame from it. I like the way the style of the Nine Old Men still shows through his drawings even today.
(EDIT: I'm not sure if Goldberg was actually mentored by any of the Nine Old men. But it looks like the "traditional" Disney house style nonetheless)

Day 151.
This was super fun. 
I used my didgeridoo as a model sword, but realized that they are held way differently, so I just made up a weird weapon.

Day 152.
Listened to "Ulysses"  by Josh Garrels and thought of Ponyo.

Day 153.
A quote from Jefferson Bethke.

Day 154.
I wanted to describe wind without using typical symbols to indicate it. I think I won?

Day 155.
Had a dream where my friend poured juice from his empty cup into my empty cup. It was awesome.

Day 156.
He soaks through your raincoat and in through your skin.

Day 157.
I drew that face weeks ago and forgot about it. Today I opened my drawing journal to draw something and found it there. I don't know what it was meant for originally but I gave it a body and called it that.

Day 158.
Watched District 9. Liked it a lot. WAS going to draw a Prawn, but just doodled something else. Whatev

Day 159.
Vitality through proximity

Day 160.
Had to get my hair wet to see what that looks like.

Day 161.
Aren't we all?

Day 162.
Is his head kindof small? I won't say anything if you don't.

Day 163.
Miyazaki has a way of imagining completely irresistible images.

Day 164.
Just started and kept going until I decided I was going to make it a thing. That's how it goes sometimes.

Day 165.

Day 166.
Except in the real Choose Your Own Adventure books every other page end with you being dead.

Day 167.
I'm not giving up without a fight.

Day 168.
Worship doodles.

Day 169. 
Trying to draw with long, fast contour lines. I like making curves that way.

Day 170.
Enough said.

Day 171.
Swing flag dancing. I tried to draw her from an interesting angle to challenge myself. I did it without reference too. It's a good exercise.

Day 172.
There's some stick figures I don't care. Just look at it.

Day 173.
I need to figure out a way to make my colors darker more easily. I'm tired of the super bright, childish look.

Day 174.
This was really fun. I like the effect I tried to do when the colors overlap over things and blur everything underneath.

Day 175.
Directly translating music into  a drawing is hard.

Day 176.
I'm really fascinated by stories like The Chronicles of Narnia and Where the Wild Things are, where regular people become wild and dirty and free. I wish we could all be like that.

Day 177.
Realized I stumbled upon a theme. Without thinking about it, I've been making things that yell to the right like this.

Day 178.
This was for a contest on Rhett and Link's show "Good Mythical Morning".

Day 179.
I guess this is just how it's going to be some days.

Day 180
Don't like my stupid doodles? Oh yea? Well someday when I'm famous they'll be worth a FORTUNE, you just wait and see.

Day 180.
Watched The Secret of NIMH and really enjoyed it this time. I guess I didn't get it when I was a kid.

Day 182.
Earth: It's awesome and you can go there for free.

Day 183.
Playing the Wind Waker HD made me want to draw creatures. But you just can't beat Nintendo's creature designs.

Day 184.
I've been playing the Wind Waker HD and admiring it's beautiful art style. I love the exaggeration and bright colors, and the way they ink their lines. Beautiful. I should've taken more time on Ganon though...

Day 185.
Drew a Pokemon based on what I thought the name sounded like. Whatever.

Day 186.
I'm practicing with my Chinese paintbrush. If you aren't very confident then your strokes will fall flat, so you've got to really believe in yourself.
I outlined him in pencil before I committed to ink though. I'm not THAT confident.

Day 187.
What's better than drawing still life? Freeze framing your favorite show and drawing that.

Day 188.
I got some watercolor pencils as a birthday gift. Basically, the idea is that you're drawing with a stick of dried watercolor pigment and then you can apply water to it to blend it. 
It didn't turn out the way I wanted it, but it was a good test run.

Day 189.
I think it's much easier to be a prolific artist when your sketchbook is super tiny. There's less space to fill and it feels less daunting.

Day 190.
Don't know what to draw? Just cop out and draw your hand. Can't go wrong.

Day 191.
I swear banjo must've been created with Sufjan in mind.

Day 192.
Observe the illusive Jr. College students in its natural habitat.

Day 193.
Just drawing what's playing on my iPod.

Day 194.
When Elijah comes into the picture, things get extreme.

Day 195.
I like making pictures to make people laugh.

Day 196.
She told me not to post this. ;)

Day 197.
I should've posted this earlier but I forgot about it. Anyways...yeah. I'm 21 now.

Day 198.
This idea looked WAY better in my head and now I'm regretting the amount of effort I put into it. Oh well.

Day 199.
I just realized that stick figures aren't really part of my vocabulary anymore. This is good!

Day 200.
Yay! Only 165 days to two months. I believe!

Day 201.
This is me tired and wanting to go to sleep.

Day 202. 
I think this idea came like 10% close to being what I wanted it to be. Oh well. It's an alright 10%.

Day 203.
Drew a head shape I liked and realized it was Ariel. Or some random lady.

Day 204.
I don't know what happened, but I had one of the best drawing experiences I've had in a long time. I wish I could feel this confident every day. I'm actually having fun.

Day 205.
I've been drawing heads since I was like 9 years old. I still have old books full of heads that I drew. They're mostly stupid weirdo heads that make me laugh. Even today it's what I draw by default when I'm not doing anything else.
This one actually made me laugh out loud. I love that pose.

Day 206.
I draw whatever I flippin' want. GOT A PROBLEM?

Day 207.
I drew this on watercolor paper, but couldn't find the courage to color it.

Day 208.
More faces I guess

Day 209.
Bein' silly

Day 210.
I don't even know

Day 211.
Found a new artist and thought about imitating him. But nope.

Day 212.
If I draw 4 drawings every day then I'll make my year-end deadline. It's going to be tough.

Day 213.
Waiting for the bus.

Day 214.
On the bus

Day 215.
Listening to Bach on the bus

Day 216.
Found the best most efficient way to draw both deciduous and evergreen trees on the bus.

Day 217.
A lot of things can happen on the bus.

Day 218.
Leaving Middle Eastern History class and thinking about how much responsibility I have to fix the world. The more I learn, the more I feel responsible to do more than have an opinion. But I think that I am just one person--one drop in a sea--and the best thing I can do it to take advantage of where and who I am to change things when I get the opportunity. We all share the weight of responsibility together, but none carry all the weight alone.

Day 219.
Tried to draw a shy person and got embarrassed at myself.

Day 220.
She's a butte, aint' she?

Day 221.
This totally counts.

Day 222.
Some highlights from the Picture Telephone games we played at the Youth Retreat.

Day 223.

Day 224.
Drawing hands from memory on the bus.

Day 225.
Eggnog is one of the greater things in life.

Day 226.
I'm surprised at how easy it is to draw a turkey from memory.

Day 227.
I like playing with perspective.

Day 228.
Fighting people or something. I'm tired.

Day 229.
Saw some interesting chins and jaw lines today.

Day 230.
Sketching is challenging in the bus because of all the shaking. It loosens up my drawings until they're almost beyond comprehension.

Day 231.
We got our tree.

Day 232.
I love the water towers in Lebanon. They stand behind trees in random areas of town, ominously watching us like someone peeking through the curtains.

Day 233.
Cold people

Day 234.
And on your left you'll see some elves. Anyways. Moving along now.

Day 235.
Some guy texting.

Day 236.
Winter clothes

Day 237.
It's too cold. Here's this.

Day 238.
Took turns drawing with a friend. I forgot how fun that was. ^_^

Day 239.
Speed sketching Ratatouille. Surprisingly fun.

Day 240.
Drew this the night before it snowed. This would be prophetic if the snow weren't so powdery and soft.

Day 241.
More Ratatouille speed sketching. It's fun because you have to take a quick mental picture of the action before the characters move and its all spoiled.

Day 242.
Since parts of my church were getting remodeled, I took a board from the floor of a Sunday school room and spent the next couple weeks carving off the top layer of glossed wood with a tiny pocket knife.
I've been looking at it for months now wondering what to paint on it.
I decided to fingerpaint some Native American styled stuff on it, and I think it compliments the rugged surface well.

Day 243.
I'm no good at backgrounds.

Day 244.
An inside joke with me and my friends playing Smash Bros. This is "The Prophesy".

Day 245.
Drawing at church.

Day 246.
Watched "The Nativity Story" last night.

Day 247.
Various lights around my church

Day 248.
Gave this away as a gift at a White Elephant party.

Day 249.
I love the way Ghibli films have this mix of absurd caricature and realistic detail. On one hand, you have this cute make-believe animal with obtuse proportions, but on the other hand there is amazing detail in the teeth, fur, and in the movement. It's an interesting contrast.

Day 250.
I love things that look iconic.

Day 251.
I'm not worthy!
This finishes off another sketchbook. I think I'm going to keep trying and draw 115 things in 14 days. This is going to be intense.

Day 252.
Another White Elephant gift made on the fly. For this one, I'll encourage the recipient to color it him/herself. It's lazy genius.

Day 253.
One of the few Bluth movies I can stand.

Day 254.
There's something so freggin' cute about Minion even though he should be gross and scary. It's awesome.

Day 255.
Fennec Fox

Day 256.
Mr. Resetti

Day 257.
Some mice.

Day 258.
The REAL best Wonka.

Day 259.
Pauline Baynes' illustrations make fantasy seem real somehow.

Day 260.
More iconic Baynes illustrations.

Day 261.
My heart is in a constant battle over whether I loath or adore "Where the Wild Things Are". It's like liking to look at spiders even though they give you nightmares.

Day 262.
Cave Story is such a great game.

Day 263.
Something hanging on the wall at a friend's house. It's evidence of his true Nordic roots.

Day 264.
It's amazing how well you think you know a character until you have to draw them from memory, nomatter how simple they may be.

Day 265.
I think I got the pose right, but had no idea how he was supposed to dress.

Day 266.
This was super fun, and wasn't nearly as hard as it would've been if I had done it at the beginning of the year. I think I can feel myself getting better.

Day 267.
Bill Watterson has such an awesome artistic range and it's all expressed in his comic. He goes from gritty realism to whimsical cartoonism in moments.

Day 268.
I gave this my best shot. I don't want to take any credit for this, you should just look at the original. I don't know who did it, but I found it on Google and it looks beautiful.

Day 269.
Sometimes I like to look through the Image Galleries in the Metroid Prime games and peruse the artwork. It's inspiring.

Day 270.
Gesture drawings without reference is hard. I think I need a model or something.

Day 271.
Watching Monsters University with the Audio Commentary on. 
I thought I would draw a variety of monsters but Mike ended up being the most interesting and easy to draw.

Day 272.
A drawing within a drawing.
This was weird to draw because I'd get distracted and then when I looked back down to draw I would get really confused.

Day 273.
Not exactly festive, but whatever.

Day 274.
I just draw my hand when I don't know what else to look at.

Day 275.
Painted this for my mom as a Christmas gift.

Day 276.
I'm officially collecting "Art of" books now. If anyone wants to get me a good gift, just go for those. ;)

Day 277.
Can you imagine alien beings finding NASA's robot and thinking,"What kinds of freaky creatures created THIS?"

Day 278.
I didn't make my deadline, but I'm continuing my project into 2014 to finish it off.

Day 279.
Finally got around to drawing an idea from my list of things I should draw.

Day 280.
Sketching a place from memory.

Day 281.
Drawing at Lucas' house.

Day 282.
Emotions can be pesky.

Day 283.
Ears look weird, huh?

Day 284.
I'm glad somebody bootlegged Frozen just so I can do sketches of it. The animation in this movie is adorable.

Day 285.
I just got Richard Williams' "The Animator's Survival Kit" in the mail the other day. I'm going to start the lessons pretty soon here.
I've spent a whole year trying to shake the thought that when I get serious about learning animation I'll figure out that I don't have what it takes. It's about time I tackle thought that head-on.

Day 286.
Some people will probably never know that I've sketched them... Or that I admire them.

Day 287.
Smears are fun!

Day 288.
This happened to me. #walkforlife

Day 289.
Coming up with a shorthand for the human heart. I'm sure it'll come in handy sometime. ;)

Day 290

Day 291.
Just killing some time today with some of Lucas' drawing paper.

Day 292.
More doodles on the other side. I tried to demonstrate some smears too.

Day 293.
I always get ideas like "I should put these two similar characters together!" and then I realize it will take me more than 10 seconds to draw so I just go blbllpphhhahdf. And there it is.

Day 294.
Haha eww.

Day 295.
I drew the monster and Lucas drew the rest.

Day 294.
I like how that bird looks. It feels good drawing something that you like to look at.

Day 297.
I drew something I liked, so I'm not about to let it slip away from me.

Day 298.
Watched the Winter Olympic games last night and drew this today from memory.
If anyone out there wants a model for quick gesture drawings, just tune in to the Games every night. It's kinetic bliss.

Day 299.
My favorite part about the dentist's office: the Dr. Suess collection in the kid's area.

Day 300.
Playing around with someone else's poses.

Day 302.
The Star bellied Sneeches have stars upon thars.

Day 302.
U! S! A!
U! S! A!

Day 303.
Olympians are the best models.

Day 304.

Day 305.
I asked my mom to teach me how to draw a horse.

Day 306. 
I've had this in my pocket ever since I was in 8th grade.

Day 307.

Day 308.
Taking turns drawing with a friend always makes the weirdest things.

Day 309.
Steven, your impatience is showing.

Day 310.
A haiku for you

Day 311.
Another total meltdown. But you just have to tell yourself "maybe this will be cool when I'm famous and smart and I'll look back and laugh triumphantly at my pitiful past self."

Day 312.
When I'm doodling, I basically still draw the same types of things that I drew when I was a kid. Is that okay?

Day 313.
Still life!

Day 314.
Trying to draw without anthropomorphizing everything.

Day 315.
I love doodling little characters without any direction. It's so freggin' fun for some reason.

Day 316.
I guess I must've been in a bad mood because I spent a lot of time making fun of everything I had doodled.

Day 317.
Group drawing with 2 other friends.

Day 318.
Drawing class has gotten me thinking differently about drawing.

Day 319.
Charcoal forces you to shade rather than contour, because the values are epic.

Day 320.
This photo looks so bad that I can't comment on the sketches.

Day 321.
I just want to see these characters MOVE.

Day 322.
Mindless doodles while waiting for the bus.

Day 323.

Day 324.
And now, some assignments from art class. Let's call it a stimulus package to finally get me done with this project.

Day 325.
Behold! A shoe

Day 326.
Charcoal that doesn't do Mary's Peak justice. Sorry, God, you're better than me.

Day 327.
More art class still-life. This mask was fun to wear, too.

Day 328.
Single-point perspective practice. I've been doing this all my life, so it's not really practice at this point.

Day 329.
I never found time to learn this. Oh well. It's for the best.

Day 330.
I don't like shading things because I tend to like the clean, graphic look better.

Day 331.
Drawing flowers in the greenhouse.

Day 332.
Practicing different shading techniques.

Day 333.
Charcoal is like fingerprinting.

Day 334.
I got a prompt to take a toy out of a pile and use it as the subject of a comic strip. I pulled out a life-sized Mr. Bill toy and it made my day.

Day 335.
My scanner is too small... :(

Day 336.
I haven't drawn for a while.

Day 337.

Day 338.
My latest favorite show: "Ping Pong: The Animation".

Day 339.
Drawing at Stuff Mart. I work here now...

Day 340.

I always forget how fun drawing is until I quit for a while and come back to it.

Day 341.
I usually just start drawing without knowing exactly what I want and it just ends up being something,

Day 342.
Fun times at Stuffmart on break.

Day 343.
Sometimes I literally just scribble on paper and all sorts of insights come from it. It's like a magic trick.

Day 344.
While I was randomly scribbling, I figured out how to draw most of a goose with one S-curve.

Day 345.
A jar of fake flowers in the break room.

Day 346.
Shaq's lookin' good.

Day 347.
I need a better box.

Day 348.
Just consider yourself lucky that I even choose to publish this stuff.

Day 349.
Okay, seriously. At this point I'm literally just scribbling on a page.

Day 350.
I made up a game where I scribble something randomly and then try to make something out of it. It's actually kind of fun for a warm up (except I don't warm up FOR anything...I need to work on that).

Day 351.
The Duke.

Day 352.
This is my first time using oil pastels. I love them.
Hopefully I'll finish my project THIS year! haha

Day 353.
Still trying to figure out oil pastels

Day 354.
Drawing with kids at elementary school in special ed class (these are all my drawings). One of the kids drew me, and I copied their drawing on the top left. I thought the hair choice was amazing.

Day 355.

Day 356.
I'm bored of my own dumb doodles. I think I need to move on.

Day 357.
Just trying to fill a page. *yawn*

Day 358.
I've been thinking about this a lot lately.

Day 359.
Song of the Sea is wonderful.

Day 360. (Five days left?!)
I haven't seen many films that look quite like Tom Moore's. The art direction is so bold and consistent throughout the entire movie. There is hardly any volume or perspective, so everything from characters to backgrounds are presented in terms of shapes and colors, not with dimension.
I am fascinated with Celtic art, and I love how Cartoon Saloon is so good at capturing that style in feature animation. I am glad that they are so in love with their cultural heritage and strive to keep it alive in this way. Keep it up!

Day 361.
"Personally, I prefer the pizza cake."

Day 362.
House sitting watching Lilo and Stitch. Why aren't there any more hand-drawn Chris Sanders movies?

Day 363.
Found some random Disney short called "The Reluctant Dragon." It makes me so angry that it's hilarious. This freaking guy just--well the short story is this guy gets to live MY dream, and goes "meh. This is sort of neat.". He walks around the Disney studio in the 40s and sees nearly every department and gets to meet famous animators and Disney himself and goes "This is kindof neat. Good thing my wife forced me to come." He gets all this awesome free stuff for no reason and-- ok I'm done. Trust me, it's really infuriating. Also, EXTREMELY racist. Like REALLY REALLY racist.

Day 364.
Can't believe there's one day left. Also can't believe it took me this long.
This is something weird I drew, and I'm not sure if I hate it or like it. No, I think I hate it.

Day 365
It's finally over! I did it!

And not only the Drawing project, but the Nickfluence competition. I think I won by being the most obsessed. :3
I don't know if I can see any obvious improvement after doing this project, but I think I have. It was really fun, and I sort of want to do it again, but without such a huge deadline. I just need to draw more.
Anyways, thanks for looking at my art!

And there there they are! Thanks, everyone!

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  1. Great job man! That is ALOT of drawings...with many more great ones to come i'm sure! I believe in you man! :)